Sucks to Suck
Jared Douglas, Christian Gnecco-Quintero, Neeraj Jain, Harper Rose sit down with Flavio to discuss FLAVIO
Flavio | 16 February, 2024
A Star is Born
Flavio on the motivation behind FLAVIO
Flavio | 7 February, 2024
Capturing Wonder
A conversation with Neeraj Jain, cinematographer of The Sound of The Wind and producer at JDG Entertainment
JDG Entertainment | 10 November, 2020
Trusting Chaos
A conversation with Jared Douglas, writer/director of The Sound of The Wind and founder of JDG Entertainment
Harper Kennington | 30 October, 2020
Playing Make Believe
A conversation with Christian Gnecco Quintero, lead actor of The Sound of The Wind
Harper Kennington | 23 October, 2020
Glimpse of Light
Alan Balandra and Luke Tennie on their song Glimpse of Light (Inspired by The Sound of The Wind)
JDG Entertainment | 19 October, 2020
Building Darkness
Lead actor Christian Gnecco Quintero, writer/directer Jared Douglas and Cinematographer Neeraj Jain on The Sound of The Wind
Jose S. Mateo | 1 October, 2020
Struggle and Hope
Writer/directer/producer Jared Douglas on his motivation for The Sound of The Wind
JDG Entertainment | 28 September, 2020