A boutique studio created by the next generation

for the next generation

What does that mean? Well, we believe that storytelling plays an important role in our society. Stories have the ability to make us laugh. To make us think. And at their best, to make us feel - layering entertainment with nuance and depth. Our mission is to tell those authentic stories that both entertain and better reflect the modern world around us: one that is diverse, complex, and filled with love, struggle and ultimately resilience.

Founded by director Jared Douglas, JDG Entertainment has become known for its powerful storytelling across a wide range of platforms, including film and new media. In 2020, JDG Entertainment released its first feature film, The Sound of The Wind, directed by Jared Douglas and starring Christian Gnecco Quintero, and is currently in development on Further to Fly from internationally renowned filmmaker Dev Benegal.

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