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JDG Entertainment announces theatrical re-release of dramatic thriller The Sound of The Wind
PRWeb | 2 February, 2022
JDG Entertainment announced today the theatrical re-release of the thriller 'The Sound of The Wind'. The film will open on February 16th at the historic Marilyn Monroe Theater in West Hollywood.
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Exclusive Interview with Jared Douglas, Christian Gnecco Quintero, and Stefanie Rons Regarding “The Sound of the Wind”
In Their Own League | 13 May, 2020
With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, it seems like the apporitate time for people to seek out Jared Douglas’ film, “The Sound of the Wind”. This is a wel…
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JDG Entertainment Observes Mental Health Awareness Month With Release of 'The Sound of The Wind' on Amazon
MENAFN | 13 May, 2020
JDG Entertainment announced today the release of the mental health-focused thriller The Sound of The Wind from writer/director Jared Douglas across multiple VOD channels just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month.
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Here’s why ‘The Sound of the Wind’ needs to be your indie film obsession
Film Daily | 19 April, 2020
Jared Douglas has been working on his indie film career for years. Now, releasing his first full length film, 'The Sound of the Wind' shows his best work.
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Trailer For a Slow-Burn Psychological Thriller Titled THE SOUND OF THE WIND
Geek Tyrant | 12 April
I’ve got a trailer here for you to watch for an upcoming indie film titled The Sound of The Wind, which is described as a "suspenseful, slow-burning, psychological thriller.” You’ll definitely get a sense of that in this trailer.
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Official Trailer for Psychological Thriller 'The Sound of The Wind'
FirstShowing.net | 9 April, 2020
I know you're out there! JDG has debuted an official trailer for an indie film titled The Sound of The Wind, described as a suspenseful, slow-burning,
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